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We appreciate your interest in accrediting for the IAA TRANSPORTATION

We appreciate your interest in accrediting for the IAA TRANSPORTATION

We appreciate your interest in accrediting for the IAA TRANSPORTATION. The accreditation form for the IAA TRANSPORTATION is now available to you here. Your contact person: Robin Renz

Travel, accommodation, and visa: All essential information regarding travel can be found here. The exhibitor directory for the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024 will be available to you shortly.

Press registra­tion
Press registrationWe're excited about your interest in accrediting for the IAA TRANSPORTATION. You can accredit directly here.


  1. Please utilize the online accreditation. On-site accreditation may result in longer wait times.
  2. Each person must register individually via online accreditation. Blanket collective requests for editorial offices will not be considered.
  3. After successful registration and verification of your data, you will receive your accreditation by email in PDF format for printing. You must either print this out on site or carry it with you on your mobile device. Please note that due to the large number of requests and examinations, it may take several weeks for your accreditation confirmation to be sent to you.
  4. Accreditation is granted solely for the purpose of journalistic reporting. Accreditation as a media representative can be granted to persons who have their journalistic activities in the field of text, video, TV, photo, or blog related to the theme of the IAA TRANSPORTATION as follows:
    • Holder of a valid press card from a journalists' association in English or German language
    • By providing a link to at least three digital articles or copies of print articles not older than six months that prove a connection to the author and topic, or
    • By submitting a written assignment from an editorial office in the original with reference to the IAA TRANSPORTATION, or
    • By means of a web link to an online publication or blog that is established in the IAA TRANSPORTATION theme communities and has relevant reach (minimum 1,000 followers or a regular click rate of over 500).

There is no right to accreditation. In individual cases, the organizer reserves the right to request the presentation of a valid personal document with a photograph at the time of entry.
The following groups of persons will not be accredited:
Persons without journalistic credentials as defined above, as well as persons whose activities are not primarily journalistic in nature, such as account managers, sales managers, advertising managers, webmasters, PR consultants. Private persons accompanying accredited media representatives are also excluded.

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