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You can reach the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024 in various ways - here you will find information on how to get there by public and private transport.

You can reach the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024 in various ways - here you will find information on how to get there by public and private transport.

You can reach the IAA TRANSPORTATION quickly and conveniently by any route - wether by car, train, bus, or plane. We have put together some information for you here that can be a help for your planning.

  • From the North
    Motorway A7 direction Kassel/Hannover until interchange 56 Hannover-Kirchhorst, then take the motorway A37 (B3 Messe-Schnellweg) direction Hannover/Messe

  • From the East
    Motorway A2 direction Magdeburg/Hannover/Dortmund, take the exit 47 Kreuz Hannover-Buchholz to motorway A37 (B3 Messe-Schnellweg) direction Hannover/Messe

  • From the South
    Motorway A7 direction Hannover/Hamburg, take the exit 60 Dreieck Hannover-Süd to motorway A37 (B3 Messe-Schnellweg) direction Hannover/Messe

  • From the West
    Motorway A2 direction Hannover/Magdeburg/Berlin until interchange 48 Hannover-Ost, turn on motorway A7 direction Kassel, exit Hannover-Anderten to B65 direction Hannover, exit interchange Seelhorst to B6 (Messe-Schnellweg) direction Hannover/Messe.

Digital Traffic Control Lower Saxony
The HANNOVER MESSE recommends participating in the "Digital Traffic Control Lower Saxony (DVL-NI)" for arrival and departure. Traffic updates, as well as arrival and departure information from the Traffic Management Center Lower Saxony / Region Hannover, can be conveniently received via CarPlay/Android Auto as navigation guidance up to the entrance of the parking lot.

For parking-specific routing that offers individual route options to bypass current construction situations as much as possible, feel free to use the NUNAV App.

Hannover Emission Zone
Besides being home to many of the world's foremost trade fairs, Hannover is also known for its environmental awareness. On 1 January 2008, Hannover joined Berlin and Cologne in an effort to lower the health risks associated with motor vehicle exhaust (especially diesel exhaust particulates) in their respective city centers. To accomplish this, Hannover has established an official "Emission Zone" roughly defined by the expressways (Schnellwege) encircling the city center.

The Emission Zone is indicated by signs reading "Umwelt-Zone". Only vehicles which meet certain minimum requirements are permitted to enter the Emission Zone. To demonstrate compliance, an official permit (disc-shaped sticker) must be displayed on every vehicle's windshield.

The journey from the exhibition centre to the airport takes approx. 30 minutes, depending on traffic. Taxi orders: Hallo Taxi 3811 - Service: +49 (0)511-3811

Electric vehicles' charging stations
During the fairs, up to 22 charging poles are available for you to use close from the entrances. They are distributed as follow:

  • 12 charging poles on car park North 4
  • 10 charging poles on car park West 34
  • 7 charging poles on car park West 41
  • 10 charging poles on car park West 44

Electromobile Service Stations

North Entrance: via Hannover main Station
For your day visit, use the regular services of Deutsche Bahn AG. The exhibition grounds can be reached from Hannover main station by underground line 8 or 18 in approx. 18 minutes (entrances NORD 1 and 2).

West Entrance: via Hannover Messe/Laatzen Station
The Hannover Messe/Laatzen station is approximately 400 m from the WEST 1 entrance to the grounds. You can reach the grounds on foot by walking over the covered Skywalk transport system, which connects the station with the Exhibition Grounds. The offering of Deutsche Bahn AG will be supplemented during the IAA TRANSPORTATION with special stops at the exhibition train station.

There will also be additional metronom and erixx stops at Hannover Messe/Laatzen station.

Offer: The DB Event Ticket

Take advantage of the offer from our partner - the Event Ticket of the Deutsche Bahn AG
Travel to the IAA TRANSPORTATION in Hanover at a fixed prices and also enjoy additional benefits of the event ticket. The offer and the amount of tickets at special rates is limited.

Further information and an instruction on how to book the ticket can be found here 

Advantages of the Event Ticket:

  • Full cost controll - uniform fixed price
  • City-Ticket for the use of the public transport included
  • Sustainable travelling - with 100 % eco-power in regional and interregional transportation of the DB

Book your ticket to the IAA TRANSPORTATION now!


To present a complete and latest flight schedule please visit the website of we link to the websites of Hannover Airport .

Suburban Railway S5

The S5 suburban train departs from Hannover Airport between Terminals B and C. Take it to "Hannover Hauptbahnhof" (Hannover Central Station) and then change to the subway/tram line no. 8 with the destination of "Messe/Nord", which serves the northern entrance to the exhibition grounds. An online service is available to help you plan your journey.


The journey from the airport to the Exhibition Grounds takes approx. 30 minutes, depending on traffic. Taxi orders: Hallo Taxi 3811 - Service: +49 (0)511-3811

Luggage service/pre-check-in

At the exhibition center: Entrance West 1

Hannover-Langenhagen Airport: Arrivals Level A , Contact for pre-bookings: BFM Incoming & Traveller Services GmbH, +49 511 97748-81, [email protected]

The following services are offered at the West 1 entrance:

  • Transport of luggage between the exhibition grounds and Hannover Airport incl. storage at both locations.
    Per piece of luggage 20,00 €
  • Drop-off of luggage at the exhibition grounds and check-in for the guest on the reserved departure flight (for the time being only for flights within the Schengen area)
    69,00 € (up to 2 pieces of luggage)
  • Staffing of the counter at the West 1 entrance
    September 16th to September 22nd, 2024, from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM.


The visitor drops off the luggage at our counter on the exhibition grounds. The drop-off of the luggage will then take place at the airport. In the case of luggage storage, the guest also drops off his suitcase there and can pick it up again at our counter at the airport. The luggage is always transported without the guest. 

Airport Shuttle

Operates between airport terminal A and exhibition center entrance WEST 1
BFM Incoming & Traveller Service, +49 511 97748-81, [email protected]

  • Shuttle from the fair to Hannover Airport
    25,00 € per person

The shuttle departs from the cab stand near Entrance West 1.
No frequency, runs as needed 

Tickets are available in the online store of BFM

The BFM operates 10 minibuses capable of carrying up to 8 passengers each, shuttling back and forth. The maximum wait time is 20 minutes, and the travel time to the airport is 25 minutes.

Tram & bus

  • Tram line 8 and 18 - Entrance NORD 1 + 2
    From Hannover Main Station via stations Kröpcke, Aegidientorplatz, Altenbekener Damm, Bothmerstraße Suburban Railway line 8
  • Tram line 6 and 16 - Entrance OST 3
    Via stations Kröpcke, Aegidientorplatz, Braunschweiger Platz, Bult, Tierärztliche Hochschule, Kronsberg Suburban Railway line 6 and 16
  • Busstop lines 340 and 341 - Entrance South + West 1
    Busstop at the Exhibition Grounds Stop Gutenbergstraße (South area) and stop Hannover Messe/Laatzen (West 1 area) From Rethen, Pattensen, Laatzen Bus lines 340 and 341


More information about the local mass transit in Hannover you can find on or on the website of Transport for Lower Saxony and Bremen (EFA) .

Arrival by Public Transport

There are elevators that helps you on your way to the subway stations "Hauptbahnhof" (Central Railway Station) "Kröpcke" and "Aegidientorplatz".

The rail platform at the exhibition grounds ("Messe/Nord") is elevated, allowing you to mount and dismount unassisted.

Mobility-impaired visitors are in for a smooth ride from the Central Railway Station to the exhibition center. Just take subway no. 8 or 18, which ends up at the northern entrance gate.

The new "silver arrow" trains on lines 8 and 18 are equipped with hydropneumatic suspension, so that the height of the cars, ideal for wheelchair users, always stays the same. The trains have wide, double-leaf doors, without any middle barriers. Each car has two open areas (with fold-down seats) for wheelchairs.

A system of tactile strips in the "Hauptbahnhof" and "Kröpcke" subway stations leads visually impaired visitors to the train platforms. There are also tactile markers zoning off special waiting areas. The train destinations are announced by public address.

Services for Air Passengers with Physical Impairments

Passengers with handicaps or limited mobility can take advantage of a special all-inclusive flight package covering baggage transport, check-in formalities and wheelchair service right up to the plane. Each of these services can also be booked individually. To order this service, please contact Travel2Fairs (see right column).

Parking Facilities for the Disabled

A percentage of the paid parking spaces outside the fairgrounds are reserved for visitors with limited mobility. These parking spaces are always close to whatever gates are in operation for the respective tradeshow, and are specially signposted.

Site map

Here you'll find an overview of the exhibition areas and individual product groups at the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024 on the exhibition grounds of Deutsche Messe Hannover in summary.

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