Dangerous Goods Symposium 2024

StartSeptember 19, 2024, 7:30 AM Time
EndSeptember 19, 2024, 2:30 PM Time
LocationConvention Center, Saal 1, Messegelände Hannover

Current developments in regulation for dangerous goods and the increasing safety of vehicles for transport of dangerous goods

Due to the globalization, worldwide trade and the transport of dangerous goods are also expanding. Therefore, it is important to always be up to date. This year's IAA Transportation, with the organization of the Dangerous Goods Day, once again takes these requirements into account. Innovations in this regulatory and technical field for the transport of dangerous goods on the road will be discussed in a symposium. Experts from science, politics, trade and industry will discuss the current developments in dangerous goods regulations (ADR) and the safety aspects when transporting dangerous goods.

The upcoming changes in international and national regulations for 2025 are presented comprehensively. In addition, there are outlooks on further important developments in the coming years:

The upcoming use of vehicle with alternative drive technologies is now also being discussed in the international committees for dangerous goods. The legal basis for the approval of battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles as ADR vehicles is to be discussed and defined. The work of the international working group set up for this purpose is presented. There will be presentations given on safety research in the field of hydrogen and on safety issues relating to the transport of lithium batteries, including the transport of damaged vehicle batteries.

Presentations of the GIZ project "Dangerous Goods Transport in China" and the status of the electronic dangerous goods transport document are given to create an awareness for the current and future challenges in the transport of dangerous goods.


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Fachgebiet Transportpolitik

Dr.-Ing. Sascha Pfeifer


Transportation Policy Division

Katharina Pollück


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