Press release

Stars of the year: Prestigious industry awards will be presented at IAA TRANSPORTATION

Berlin, September 15, 2022

Bus, Truck and Van of the Year awards as well as the “Truck Innovation Award” - initial presentation of the "2022 International Cargo Bike of the Year” award - presentation of a high-performance recharging project for trucks

IAA TRANSPORTATION will kick-off with the renowned "International Truck of the Year", "International Bus of the Year", "International Van of the Year" industry awards and the "Truck Innovation Award" will also be presented at IAA Stars of the Year on the evening of Monday 19th September. A high-performance recharging project for trucks sponsored by VDA, the German Automotive Industry Association, will also be presented at the event. 

The event will be opened by VDA President Hildegard Müller and Ralf Blessmann, Head of Automotive at Capgemini in Germany, the event’s main sponsor. 

The “International Cargo Bike of the Year” award will be presented for the first time at IAA’s own Cargobike Parcours on Thursday 22nd September and in partnership with HUSS Verlag. 

“IAA TRANSPORTATION will be presenting the diversity of the transport and logistics sector through this concept. These five awards will allow IAA TRANSPORTATION to demonstrate its international standing as the industry’s leading platform. We are delighted to be able to welcome the jury presidents, the juries and the candidates to Hanover. The awards represent what we at VDA and IAAvalue so highly in the industry: innovative spirit, creativity and striving to become even better", said Jürgen Mindel, CEO of VDA.
Bus, Truck and Van of the Year and Truck Innovation Award 
 Stars of the Year will kick-off with the International Van of the Year (abbreviated to: IVOTY) award. When commenting on the diversity and close competition, Jarlath Sweeney, the chairman of IVOTY, said: “The IVOTY jury is delighted that IAA TRANSPORTATION is providing the stage for announcing and presenting the trophy to the overall winner. The main criterion for nominating and selecting a van as the International Van of the Year is its contribution to higher efficiency, safety, environmental and sustainability standards when transporting light goods by road. This year's finalists all have electric transmission, paving the way for the future”.

This will be followed by the “Bus of the Year Award”. Tom Terjesen, the jury president, said: “The Bus of the Year Award is the most important prize for the global bus industry. We are delighted to be able to present this award at IAA TRANSPORTATION. The bus industry is also an important part of the transformation towards sustainable mobility".

Both the "Truck of the Year" award and the "Truck Innovation Award" will be presented at the end of the event.
Gianenrico Griffini, the president of the jury, emphasized the importance of the award for the entire industry when he said: 
“Over the years, this award has become a benchmark for the automobile industry.
Today our “Truck of the Year” group includes 34 commercial vehicle journalists and magazines worldwide with a total readership of more than 1.1 million truck drivers. The same group of journalists created a new award in 2018, the “Truck Innovation Award”, which considers alternative trucks and advanced transport solutions. We are very pleased to be honoring the concentrated innovative strength of our industry through IAA TRANSPORTATION in Hanover”.
 The event is supported by Capgemini, its main sponsor: 
"Capgemini congratulates all award winners from the bottom of our heart. The new, sustainable ecosystem in the logistics industry needs creators who can support ideas with responsibility and foresight through to implementation. We are delighted to be part of this shared future", said Ralf Blessmann, Head of Automotive at Capgemini in Germany. “The commercial vehicle industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in its history. At the same time, innovation has become more difficult than ever, because none of us can tackle the major challenges on our own. Those who want to be successful in this ecosystem in the future will have to work together. That's why we, being a major global IT and engineering service provider, are pooling our expertise in the commercial vehicle sector and will be investing more specifically in developing customized solutions for this industry in the future”.
International Cargo Bike of the Year
 The "International Cargo Bike of the Year" award will be presented for the first time on Thursday. 

The presentation of this award at IAA TRANSPORTATION shows that the event views logistics as a holistic concept and this includes all players in the transformation to climate neutrality: Cargo bikes are also an important building block for emission-free and city-friendly logistics. 

“The logistics turnaround towards climate-friendly transport will not succeed without us focusing on developing sustainable transport solutions for the last mile. This will be decisive in urban centers. We see the use of electrified cargo bikes and trailers as important components and we want to promote the interests of providers and customers with our "International Cargo Bike of the Year” test and technology award. We are very pleased that together with VDA we will have the opportunity at IAATRANSPORTATION 2022 to award prizes in three categories to outstanding products in this sector and to honor the innovative achievements of the manufacturers", said Rainer Langhammer, CEO of HUSS-VERLAG. 

All of the journalists accredited to IAA TRANSPORTATION are cordially invited to the event to be held on the evening of Monday 19th September and to the award ceremony to be held on Thursday 22nd September.