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Experience Future Trends First-Hand with Exclusive Zero-Emission Test Drives

Berlin, June 26, 2024

IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024 invites visitors to experience the future of commercial vehicles and transport solutions first-hand. The event's forward-thinking concept proved popular at IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022, drawing in a multitude of industry professionals and enthusiasts with over 7,500 test drives. This year, IAA TRANSPORTATION aims to raise the bar even higher, presenting an expanded international exhibitor lineup and an even more comprehensive, engaging program for trade visitors.

IAA Test Drives: Zero-Emission Vehicle Innovations in Action
22 exhibitors will offer interested customers the opportunity to take guided test drives in the latest emission-free commercial vehicles of all classes during the IAA Test Drives. These test drives will take place both on the exhibition grounds and on public roads.

  • Two Route Options for Diverse Driving Experiences
  • Two different route options are available for the test drives:

Closed test track on the exhibition grounds: An approximately 2 km long route in the on the eastern part of the exhibition grounds, suitable for prototype vehicles. Proof of insurance is mandatory for participation. Prototypes can only be driven on the exhibition grounds as they usually do not have road approval.

Public roads: Series production vehicles with road approval can leave the exhibition grounds and be tested on public roads. Exhibitors can determine the length and duration of each drive.

Participating Companies
"We are pleased to announce the participation of the following companies, who will showcase their forward-thinking vehicles during the IAA Test Drives. The high level of interest demonstrates the industry's commitment to making their innovations tangible for everyone at IAA TRANSPORTATION," says VDA Managing Director Jürgen Mindel.

The following companies will participate in the IAA Test Drives and present their innovative vehicles:

  • Aurobay
  • B-ON
  • Bosch
  • DAF
  • Ford
  • Iveco
  • Hyliko
  • MAN
  • Maxus
  • Phinia
  • Quantron
  • Scania
  • Tesla
  • Trailer Dynamics
  • Volkswagen commercial vehicles
  • Volvo
  • Volta Trucks
  • Windrose

In addition to a wide variety of BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles), several FCEVs (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) and vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) will also be featured. A small number of the latest Euro-standard diesel vehicles will be present as well. To date, 29 light and 30 heavy commercial vehicles have been registered for the test drives. This diverse selection of vehicles offers an excellent opportunity to experience the latest developments in zero-emission commercial vehicles first-hand.

Industry Benefits
Test drives provide significant value to the industry, allowing both exhibitors and potential customers to directly experience the latest technological advancements. For manufacturers, test drives are a crucial opportunity to receive direct feedback on their products and build customer confidence in new, sustainable technologies. Visitors benefit from the chance to test vehicles under real-world conditions and experience the performance and comfort of innovative commercial vehicles firsthand.

Successful Test Drives at IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022
IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022 featured approximately 7,500 test drives as part of the IAA Test Drives and the IAA Cargobike Parcours. Visitors were able to test 61 different commercial vehicles, and the entire testing operation was carried out in a climate-neutral manner. Numerous visitors tested the latest models under real conditions on the IAA Cargobike Parcours. The demand for test drives was high, with many slots fully booked. This high level of participation and positive feedback underscores the importance and success of experience-oriented formats at IAA TRANSPORTATION.

Booking Test Drives On-Site
Test drives can be booked on-site in Hall 11 at the respective registration counters of participating companies. A valid driver's license for the corresponding vehicle class is required to participate.

Vehicle Type Announcement in August
Detailed information about the specific vehicle types and models participating in the IAA Test Drives will be published in August. This announcement will cover both light and heavy commercial vehicles, providing interested customers with an even more detailed insight into the innovative technologies and models available.

IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024 cordially invites all interested parties to take advantage of these unique driving experiences and gain first-hand insight into the future of logistics and transportation.


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