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International Award "Cargobike of the Year" and Bike Logistics Conference at IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024

Berlin, April 10, 2024

CABOTY Awards for "Light Cargobikes," "Heavy Cargobikes," and "Cargobike Trailers" – Concurrently, the Bike Logistics Conference debuts at IAA TRANSPORTATION – Redesigned Cargobike Course ensures real-world testing conditions at IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024

The "Cargobike of the Year" (CABOTY) Award is being presented for the second time at the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024 in Hannover. In partnership with HUSS Publishing, IAA TRANSPORTATION will honor the most technically innovative cargobike models on September 19. This international award has been given since 2019.

"At IAA TRANSPORTATION, we want to address the question: What does the commercial vehicle industry need to achieve the Paris climate goals? Clearly, cargobikes can contribute to CO2 reduction and decarbonization in urban last-mile delivery, thus helping to answer this question. We are delighted that with the CABOTY Award this year at IAA TRANSPORTATION, cargobikes are once again taking center stage," says Jürgen Mindel, VDA Executive Director for IAA TRANSPORTATION.

Starting the morning of September 19, testing will take place on the IAA TRANSPORTATION's Cargobike Course. Various obstacles throughout the closed circuit provide testing conditions that simulate real street environments. The testing is conducted by HUSS Publishing with an objective jury comprised of trade journalists, scientists, and industry experts who will evaluate the most innovative cargobike models in the categories of "Light Cargobikes," "Heavy Cargobikes," and "Cargobike Trailers." The award ceremony will take place that afternoon on the IAA TRANSPORTATION Cargobike Course.

"IAA TRANSPORTATION provides the ideal platform to demonstrate that cargobikes are key elements for enhanced sustainability and spatial and energy efficiency in urban delivery. We view the cargobike in its versatility as an indispensable means of transport to handle the growing volume of shipments while also advancing climate protection in economic considerations," adds Rainer Langhammer, Managing Director of HUSS Publishing.

Last year, the award was presented at IAA MOBILITY in Munich. Applications for the CABOTY Award open on June 1st and can be submitted until August 23rd.

Bike Logistics Conference debuts at IAA TRANSPORTATION

The 5th Bike Logistics Conference, focusing on emission-free logistics with cargobikes and trailers in Germany, will also take place at IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024 on September 18th at the Hannover exhibition grounds. The conference will feature several panels discussing key industry topics such as services, infrastructure, and cost-effectiveness, as well as the potential for climate protection. The main goal of the conference is to promote discussion on the transition to emission-free and energy-efficient mobility. Around 200 participants are expected.

"I am pleased that our cooperation initiated two years ago is continuing. Cargobikes are increasingly becoming a standard commercial vehicle in urban economic traffic. Their strong presence at IAA TRANSPORTATION signifies a clear option for rapid transition to CO2-neutral, cost-effective vehicles," says Tom Assmann, Chairman of the Bike Logistics Association.

IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024 features new Cargobike Course

This year, IAA TRANSPORTATION is offering a completely redesigned Cargobike Course. All exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase their latest vehicle innovations during IAA TRANSPORTATION from September 17 to 22. New this year is the modern design of the course, which features six high-quality elements that mimic real road conditions and allow for varied testing. Additionally, this year the IAA Cargobike Course and the IAA Last Mile Area are spatially combined. The joint indoor theme area consolidates the latest logistics innovations for last-mile delivery in Hall 13. The Speakers Corner in the Last Mile Area provides a stage for industry-related keynotes and panels. Presentation slots are also optionally available to cargobike exhibitors.

For all information on the CABOTY Award and IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024, please visit our website.


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