Mobilitython at the IAA TRANSPORTATION

In many places, there is still a lack of practicable solutions and suitable specialists when it comes to the topic of digitalisation. Yet digital solutions from start-ups or universities, among others, can solve many problems in delivery traffic quickly and efficiently, such as the optimisation of supply chains or the utilisation of transport vehicles.

Often there is a lack of creative input and the necessary capacities to deal with new solutions. For this purpose, the IAA TRANSPORTATION in Hanover will offer an opportunity for results-oriented cooperation between companies and creative minds as well as start-ups.

This year's will take place in cooperation with the from 9 September 2022 to 25 September 2022. Various individual developers and start-ups will take part, who will have to face a challenge set by a company in the form of "challenges". The challenge is to develop functional IT prototypes that solve the problem presented by the company: no slides but prototypes!

There are not only material prizes to be won: The companies would like to take the teams of the winning solutions to the next stage of the competition. Thus, for the second year in a row, is establishing itself as a new form of competition for young companies and the best talents.

The process is simple: first, participants are virtually notified of the challenge on 9 September. Then they have 12 days to create their software prototype. The results will then be presented to a jury of companies and other experts at the IAA TRANSPORTATION from 21 September to 25 September. Finally, there will be award ceremonies at the IAA Transportation. There are various prizes to be won as well as the possibility of a subsequent cooperation with the company whose challenge was mastered.

The Mobilython can be found at the stand in the innovation area of Hall 13 at the IAA TRANSPORTATION.