IAA Voices Conference Special: Interview Udelv

An interview with Daniel Laury, CEO and Co-founder of Udelv.

Daniel Laury, Udelv

Imagine you are in a time machine and on your way "back to the future". In which year would you like to get off and why?

2050: a year where I might have a chance to experiment with AGI (artificial general intelligence), make a safe and affordable trip to Mars or the Moon, better understand the origin of the universe and see Udelv Transporters deliver goods and packages in over 100 countries around the world!

If you had one superpower that would help you professionally, what would it be?

Improve my engineering skills by adding 1000x storage capacity to my brain hard drive!

What trend are you currently following professionally with great interest?

Autonomous vehicles, robotics and aerospace.

What is/was the biggest game changer for you in the logistics or transport industry in the past ten years?

Autonomous driving to solve the massive shortage of drivers and make our roads safer, and electrification of fleets to transition the transportation industry to sustainable 0-carbon emission energy.

What innovation do you currently see internationally as a blueprint on the road to climate neutrality?

BEV for short and medium distance and hydrogen fuel cells for long haul.

What are your hopes for the IAA TRANSPORTATION?

Demonstrate that the impending emergence of autonomous vehicles will pave the way to favorable legislation across European Union countries.

What are you particularly looking forward to at the IAA Conference?

See the latest technologies in ground utility vehicles – electric batteries and components; automation; robotics.