IAA Voices: Interview Loop Energy

Loop Energy is an industry-leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of hydrogen fuel cell systems for vehicle OEMs and power generation system manufacturers. Our products are reshaping the industry with an unmatched combination of fuel efficiency, power density and fuel durability with our proprietary patented designs and technological advancements.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Loop is centrally located in the fuel cell design capital of the world. Having expanded our manufacturing and business development with locations in Asia and Europe, Loop Energy is positioned to take off on a global scale as we expand to service and supply customers around the world.

Ben Nyland, President and CEO Loop Energy

What does Loop Energy stand for and what should every IAA visitor know about the company?

Loop Energy was created with the sole purpose of decarbonizing the commercial vehicle industry. And with the mission to be the engine driving zero-emissions, we are committed to delivering a high-performing and economical solution for our customers to accelerate the adoption of fuel cell technology.

We take pride in being a leading designer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell systems for the electrification of commercial mobility, with vehicles such as transit buses, logistics fleets, delivery trucks and specialty vehicles utilizing our proprietary eFlowTM technology.

Our eFlow™ fuel cell architecture delivers new levels of fuel efficiency, peak power and durability. Through meticulous design and engineering, Loop Energy has achieved a fuel cell that increases performance, delivers lower TCO and gets vehicles on the road faster for its customers.

What is the company’s most important project for 2022/23?

Our focus for the rest of 2022 is to introduce our next generation fuel technology to the world at IAA Transportation in September. With a number of new developments and leading performance features, we are excited to showcase our new 120 kW fuel cell.  This product will go along to providing a zero-emissions solution for heavy-duty transportation and help decarbonize the sector.

Another priority is to continually deliver on our commitments to our customers. Earlier this year, Loop Energy announced a multi-year fuel cell supply agreement with British electric truck manufacturer Tevva Motors, including delivery commitments in excess of US $12 million through 2023. This agreement, along with the accelerated adoption of our technology and our customers’ strong growth, has allowed us to update our purchase order targets. The guidance has changed from 60 to 100 for 2022 and from 180 to 500 for 2023. This is a direct result of our team’s tireless commitment to our customers and ensuring their needs are consistently met.

The newly designed IAA TRANSPORTATION is a platform and meeting place for transport and logistics companies from all over the world. What makes the trade fair so appealing to you?

Loop Energy is excited to be a part of IAA because of the sheer depth and breadth of technology and knowledge shared at the show. This is a unique opportunity to bring our technology and new product to a wide range of OEMs, end users and partners committed to developing and operating zero-emissions vehicles and power systems. It is a chance for us to further the adoption of our technology while also seeing what other technology and innovations are at the forefront of the industry.

What can IAA visitors particularly look forward to at your stand?

We invite all IAA attendees, including fellow exhibitors, guests, customers, industry colleagues and everyone interested in learning about our newest product, to join us at our booth, C12, at Hall 24. On IAA Day 1, we will unveil our next generation fuel cell and host signing ceremonies of new announcements. We will hold a social networking opportunity with light food and beverage to connect and get to know our fellow attendees.

The coming years are all about transformation. Where will the transport and logistics industry be in 2030 - and what milestones do you want to have achieved by then?

Loop Energy is confident that hydrogen-electric vehicles will play a prominent role in decarbonizing the global transportation sector. Across the board, there is a strong focus on reducing emissions from on- and off-road vehicles, and hydrogen is identified as a key power source to enable zero-emissions vehicles. We predict that by 2030, many hydrogen-electric commercial fleets will be in operation, and we hope they are using Loop Energy fuel cells!

To make that happen, we need to continue to be customer-centric and find new ways to address their needs, including improving the fuel efficiency of our products to lower TCO. We must also continue to enter new markets and diversify our customer base while continuing to mature in the markets we are already in.