IAA Voices: Interview Embotech

When you want a car to drive autonomously, a robot to move in the accurate direction, an industrial machine to proceed with exact precision, then Embotech's technology provides the magic behind these actions: Embotech delivers decision-making software solving complex optimization problems at top speed. We make vehicles, robots, and industrial machines move safely, efficiently and at peak performance.

Embotech is a leading developer of AI software for autonomous systems with particular focus on autonomous driving systems for private grounds and smart factories. The company’s embeddable software empowers autonomous systems to make decisions by solving complex optimization problems in milliseconds, bringing significant improvements in safety, productivity, and energy efficiency. With its virtual driver software PRODRIVER, Embotech provides a L4 system capable of planning and executing highly complex and dynamic maneuvers, which makes it ideal for driving around dynamic obstacles, in tight spaces and mixed traffic. Applications include automated driving for commercial vehicles such as in logistics and mining, automated driving for passenger cars such as Automated Valet Parking (AVP) and automated driving in factory as well as industrial robotics automation.

Embotech, short for Embedded optimization technologies was founded in 2013 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich. Today, the company is a growing tech SME in the heart of Europe with an international team of more than 50 employees, located in 2 offices in Switzerland and Germany and prestigious customers around the globe.

Andreas Kyrtatos, Chief Executive Officer at Embotech AG, image: Embotech

Why should established mobility companies definitely know about your startup?

We are the company that actually makes the vehicle drive: our technology gives the vehicle a brain and thus the ability to drive intelligently. This technology not only provides a solution to the global shortage of professional drivers, but also increases reliability, efficiency and safety in the long term in the logistics industry as well as in the mining industry.

Our technology is validated: it has already been successfully used to drive various types of machinery in mines – even under difficult and intense conditions.  This is how we transfer our knowledge from one field to another. With our technology – made in Switzerland – we provide the basis for autonomous transport and logistics worldwide.

Can you explain your product/service as simply as possible using just a few keywords?

We have developed a virtual driver for autonomous vehicles. This driving system called PRODRIVER replaces the human driver with software. We not only offer our software solution PRODRIVER as a single service, but we also offer complete solutions for the seamless automation of entire vehicle fleets. A major advantage of our autonomous driving technology is that it can be used for both commercial and passenger vehicle applications.

As a startup, you meet all the important players in the industry at the IAA TRANSPORTATION. What role does the event play for you and what are you most excited about?

IAA TRANSPORTATION is an excellent opportunity for us to establish potential partnerships and further develop existing relationships. We are very much looking forward to presenting our solutions to a wider group of key players in the commercial vehicle industry. In this respect, we assign the IAA TRANSPORTATION a key role for our commercial vehicle business.

How will you be present at IAA TRANSPORTATION and what can visitors look forward to at your booth?

Embotech will be present at the IAA with a continuous booth presence. In addition, we will be giving a presentation on "How to boost operational efficiency on private ground with safe and autonomous trucks" as part of the Industry Forum – if necessary, this presentation will also take place together with one of our strategic partners. Visitors can look forward to learning more about the possibilities of automation and the opportunities it offers for their own business needs.

What is your mobility vision for the year 2030?

Autonomous driving is a reality for transport companies. For transporting goods on long-distance roads, logistics companies operate mixed fleets of autonomous and traditional vehicles. Logistics hubs, ports and other enclosed transportation sectors are making full use of automated vehicles to dramatically increase their operational efficiency. Many operations, such as ports, use electric and autonomous vehicles on their premises.