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Fluid-o-Tech at IAA Hannover - New Products Road Map

MILAN, Italy: Fluid-o-Tech, 3 times winner of the national prize for Innovation, keeps being at the edge, presenting solution in the field of sustainable mobility for Thermal Management of BEV and HEV, Autonomous Driving, FCEV and Hydrogen generation. All this will happen at IAA Trade Fair in Hanover from 19th to 25th September.

Fluid-o-Tech has 70 years of experience in high precision mechanical engineering and fluidics and is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality volumetric pumps and proportional valves, with a significant know-how in the automotive, particularly on emission control systems.

Energy transition brings new challenges and hence new opportunities.

The future of the EV fast charging stations will require more efficient management systems for BEV, HEV, PHEV, and FCEV vehicles. Fluid-o-Tech is presenting a brand new range of high efficiency, long operating life pumps for new generation cooling systems, allowing Cooling on Demand strategies and Fast/Hyper Fast Charging, reducing power consumptions and noise levels.

Autonomous vehicles will make large use of sensors and cameras, radar and Lidar capabilities, to safely operate the vehicle. Fluid-o-Tech has developed a new powerful and high-pressure solution able to perfectly clean the Camera and Sensors in ADAS systems in every working condition.

Fluid-o-Tech is also active in supporting the evolution of the H2 applications both for vehicles and stationary applications developing specific proportional valves and pumps to control and recirculate the fluid (water, H2) with best-in-class performance levels.

With its state-of-the-art facilities and a global engineering team, Fluid-o-Tech is today the trusted partner for OEMs and Tier for volumetric pumps, electronic Valves, sensors and innovative fluid management systems, worldwide!

Diego Andreis, managing director of Fluid-o-Tech said: “We are proud to present once again best in class solution in fluidics, supporting the new generation of sustainable mobility”


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