Interview with Patrick Peter, CEO and founder of Circunomics

The new concept of IAA TRANSPORTATION focuses on the climate-neutral and technological transformation of the entire transport sector. An important driver of successful change are cross-industry innovations from startups. Patrick Peter, CEO and founder of Circunomics talks about the opportunities and challenges as a startup.

1. Why should established mobility companies definitely know your startup?

The electrification of mobility is driven by batteries. However, a holistic solution regarding recycling after their life in the vehicle, which is actually scalable for millions of batteries and which connects the different industries of the battery chain, has been missing until now. Circunomics' platform helps automakers predictively plan the lifecycle with predictive analytics, take back the batteries and make the best data-driven decision on how to best recycle each battery - second life or recycling. An end-to-end solution that with integrated Circular Marketplace, is the first take-back and trading platform for used lithium-ion batteries.

Patrick Peter, CEO and founder of Circunomics

2. You call yourselves the first IoT marketplace for lithium-ion batteries. Can you explain your product/service based on 5 keywords?

Predictive analytics, digital twins, second life trading, recycling tendering, lifecycle management.  

3. How does it make money?

With our analytics, we can find the best use case for reuse while the battery is still in vehicle operation. This can significantly optimize the value of the e-vehicle's most precious component for OEMs. And for battery buyers, such as energy storage providers, used batteries also offer cost benefits. In return, we take a transaction fee from the buyer and a SaaS amount for the Circular Twins or Analytics from the mobility companies.

4. As a startup, you meet all the important players in the industry at the IAA TRANSPORTATION. What role does the trade show play for you and what are you most excited about?

Mobility providers, along with energy storage providers, are of course the core for a working solution for afterlife trade, so we are very excited about the reactions and conversations we will encounter. But also new insights regarding OEMs' electrification and battery plans.

5. How will you be present at IAA TRANSPORTATION and what can visitors look forward to at your booth?

Our team can be found in the startup area and we are looking forward to interesting conversations and giving everyone an insight into Circunomics' platform solution.

6. What is your mobility vision for the year 2030?

Our vision is a battery circular economy, making mobility greener. So far, batteries are a major contributor to lifecycle emissions of e-vehicles - if reuse through Second Life becomes the new normal, emissions can be reduced by up to 50%.