Ice cream in your corporate colours!

Adress all journalists at the IAA Media Center.

Adress all journalists at the IAA Media Center.

Journalists from more than 50 countries have already been accredited for the IAA TRANSPORTATION. Their central contact point and work place: the new IAA Media Center, with workstations, meeting area and food and drinks for free, right in the centre of the fair.

Exactly here, you can place your advertising, visibly and effectively. We have several options on offer, and all will be remembered by media representatives.

Brand the coffee bike, deck chairs or popcorn machine.

Showcase your brand to multipliers and influencers. From coffee bikes to popcorn machines to deckchairs and poster spaces, there are many options for big impact with a small budget.

Inform journalists about the location and time of your press conference or print the date including your logo on thousands of lanyards. You can display your sponsorship material or advertise your stand with a large banner!

Big impact with a small budget

Take your chance now and secure the best available spaces. We look forward to helping you choose your sponsorship deal. All offers that we can list here are still available.

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