Highlights of the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022: IT services

Photo: C2A Security

Photo: C2A Security

IT services with smart solutions

The hardware of commercial vehicles would not be where it is today without the many associated, innovative solutions and services. This year, IAA TRANSPORTATION will once again serve as a platform to present many of these otherwise overlooked companies. Among them are a great many start-ups who want to show their ideas and visions to a broader audience. Smart software solutions from the cloud that will support the commercial vehicles industry on the road to climate neutrality will be shown. But focus will also be placed on driver assistance systems and fleet management systems that can make work easier for fleet managers and dispatchers. Yet because the many digital helpers are also being increasingly targeted by cyberattacks, exhibitors from around the world will present solutions for protecting against cybercriminals. Below is a list of highlights in alphabetical order.

C2A Security

Security for electric cars

C2A Security, and Israeli provider of cybersecurity solutions for electric cars, presents its new cybersecurity management system EVSec. “Electric cars and the charging infrastructure pose challenges for OEMs, suppliers, charging station operators, and many other parties with regard to cybersecurity. They have to implement comprehensive cybersecurity measures from the early phases of development and throughout their entire life cycle,” says Roy Fridman, Chief Executive Officer at C2A Security. “Only with a centralized, automated, managed security approach can security information be exchanged, risks understood, and new vulnerabilities be patched.”

There was also a series of reports on attacks against e-charging stations that gave criminals direct access to users’ credit card information – proving in turn to be one of the most vulnerable aspects of the electric car ecosystem. C2A Security hopes to create more transparency in this area with a centralized risk management system.

Cybercriminals also use e-charging stations to get their hands on sensitive data. Photo: C2A Security

Car Guard Systems

Innovative and efficient solutions

For 30 years, Car Guard Systems GmbH has focused on developing driver assistance systems, like AI-based turning assistants, AI cameras with personal identification, monitors, and a range of adapters for serially produced car monitors and cameras. In Hanover the company will present the new Turn Angel View® AI camera, which can detect people in real time and differentiate them from other obstacles like parking cars, trees, or street lamps. The driver is then warned of the obstacle with an alarm that increases in frequency via the speakers. Car Guard Systems GmbH’s portfolio also includes truck and bus navigation systems, monitors, and wireless cameras. The fleet management and telematics systems offer highlights like intuitive, guidance-free operation, dispatch planning, savings potential, work time billing, shipment tracking, tachograph assessment, monitoring of machinery and driver load, maintenance, cooling chain documentation, delivery slips, and forms that can be created as needed.

The Turn Angel View® camera detects people in real time and can differentiate them from other obstacles. Photo: Car Guard Systems


Sustainability through transparency

The entire European automotive industry is faced with the challenges of converting to green production. Swedish company ChainTraced wants to help the industry on this journey. “It’s important that sustainability data be collected across the entire value-added chain so that long-term sustainability will be possible. The measuring and calculation of CO2 emissions across the entire production chain creates transparency, which in turn makes it possible to recognize and understand where the greatest environmental impacts can be found in the value-added chain. The data illustrate where sustainability has been successfully implemented, and where there is room for improvement,” says Victor Andersson, CEO of ChainTraced. Companies are still manually managing product certificates and CO2 data in paper form, or as PDF and Excel files, which is time-consuming and increases the risk of error. By digitizing quality, material, and CO2 data, the ChainTraced platform provides assistance to companies throughout the entire supply chain.

Victor Andersson (right) and Johan Lejdung of ChainTraced look forward to lots of visitors. Photo: ChainTraced


Saving on transport costs with new software

GEOCEPT GmbH specializes in optimizing logistics costs with telematics software, GPS solutions, and route planning. Specialized industry solutions for a wide range of transport tasks have been developed and used by many customers for over 15 years.

A new, 100% cloud solution has been used since 2022: the platform Everything revolves around the digital map materials: Actual data from the fleet are presented and evaluated, and orders can be automatically planned with optimal routes. The GEOCEPT app for Android can also be integrated, and the planned trips are directly fed into the driver’s GPS on their smartphone.

It’s a pervasive solution that can be implemented in its entirety, or modularly connected with existing software, that reliably helps save on costs and work time while increasing performance. Affordable solutions for GPS location, remote tachograph and driver map downloads, and route planning will be presented at IAA 2022.

GEOCEPT presents one of the most affordable professional GPS solutions. Photo: GEOCEPT


AI solutions against tarp cutters and vandalism

INFINITE DEVICES GmbH from Magdeburg will present AI-based facility management and security systems. INFINITE DEVICES is a German start-up that is revolutionizing the AIoT market. AIoT connects artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things. TRUCK NORRIS prevents cargo theft and vandalism with the innovative AUDIO RECOGNITION FRAMEWORK, detecting any suspicious sounds in the environment with sound waves. Even the quietest sounds of cuts and sprays can be detected amongst loud ambient sounds. According to the BKA, damages caused by cut tarps in the eight most heavily affected EU states amount to two billion euros. The smart device only forwards data and information like the location and type of alarm to the dashboard (in accordance with the GDPR). Because of the many plug-and-play combinations with other sensors that can be used, the systems serve as the basis for smart city solutions.

Entirely secure: TRUCK NORRIS prevents theft and vandalism. Photo: INFINITE DEVICES

Upstream Security

Protection against cyberattacks

The closer the digital connection between driver, vehicle, fleet headquarters, goods distribution center, and customer, the more targets cybercriminals have. This is where Upstream Security, an Israeli security start-up, comes in. The company is presenting its Connected Car Security Operations Center (SOC) for the transport sector. In the lead-up to this, the upstream analysts for cyber threats analyzed more than 100 public reports of cybersecurity incidents in the automotive sector. “Learning from errors” is the motto, because in order to minimize the effects of future attacks and reduce risks in general, it has to be understood how hackers take advantage of new weak points and how fleet management can protect their vehicles and mobility applications. The company from Israel focuses on the software interfaces (APIs) used by many OEMs, suppliers, and tech partners to improve the scope of functions in the connected vehicle, among other things.

Upstream Security offers cybercrime solutions to the transport sector as well. Photo: Upstream Security


What3Words and WORLD OF LOCKERS go the last mile together!

What3Words strives to divide the world into 3x3-meter squares, and assign each square a unique combination of 3 words. This facilitates description of a precise location so that, for example, parks or rural areas without street addresses can be found quickly and easily. This is especially crucial in emergency situations. Logistics providers are working with What3Words so that their customers can select a specific delivery address consisting of just 3 words. The most accurate description possible of the delivery address means that delivery will be possible on the first attempt, resulting in a better last mile. Now What3Words and WORLD OF LOCKERS are going the last mile together. WORLD OF LOCKERS and What3Words hope to facilitate precise localization of the MyLocker24 Boxes so that they can be quickly found at all times.

MyLocker24 partners with What3Words. Photo: W3W