Highlights of the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022: Trailers and bodies

Photo: KRONE

Photo: KRONE

Trailers and bodies use electrification

The manufacturers of trailers and bodies are making progress on the path toward saving on fuel and CO2. Key to this are electrification and connectivity. Manufacturers of cooling units are also looking toward electrification, while companies in the tipper sector are also working on increasing payloads. Below is a selection of providers in alphabetical order.


New generation of cooling machines

ECOOLTEC is presenting its new generation of cooling machines for commercial vehicles at IAA TRANSPORTATION. In order to reduce the greenhouse gas effect, the electric-powered cooling machine TM182 uses the natural coolant propene. According to the manufacturer, the TM182 offers utmost temperature stability and quick pull-down times in all conditions. Despite its high performance, the machine uses little power. The system operates with 60 percent less energy than a diesel-operated system, with the same cooling power. ECOOLTEC’s transport cooling machine is a mere 250 millimeters high and was designed for integration into the roofs of refrigerated vans. This lets it be cooled with fresh air during the drive instead of with warm exhaust from the engine compartment, and is particularly energy-efficient.

The cooling machine TM182 from ECOOLTEC is integrated into the roof of refrigerated vans. Photo: ECOOLTEC



With the slogan Kögel all-round, the Burtenbach-based trailer manufacturer is presenting its added-value services, ranging from vehicle procurement (like the services from Kögel Finance and Kögel Rent) and trailer telematics from Kögel Telematics, to Kögel Used for recycling used vehicles. When it comes to innovations, Kögel is presenting its rail-loaded curtain sider Kögel Light Plus Rail. The builders at Kögel strove to develop a lightweight, crane-loaded vehicle with no handling issues on the road or rails. This is made possible with highly durable steel that, with all available light options, has a dead weight of a mere 12,676 lbs.

With Kögel all-round, the Burtenbach-based trailer manufacturer is presenting its added-value services. Photo: Kögel


Trailer manufacturer presents its sustainable technology

Vehicle manufacturer KRONE has an ambitious goal, and with its sustainable trailer technology it wants to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for its semi-trailers by up to 40 percent. The eleven models being shown at IAA TRANSPORTATION include the electric trailers eCool Liner and eMega Liner. The centerpiece of this innovative technology is a high-performance e-axle that supports the semi-trailer’s engine and regains braking energy through recuperation. The electric trailers from KRONE can be used with any conventional semi-trailer machine because of their plug-and-play concept. Also on display in Hanover: the KRONE Box Liner Automatic, which won the Trailer Innovation Award. At the push of a button, the driver can use remote controls from the comfort of the cab to take on the container with the container chassis.


Savings with lithium-ion-operated cooling system

The specialist in transport cooling systems, Maxwell+Spark, is presenting its lithium-ion-operated cooling system at IAA TRANSPORTATION. According to the manufacturer, in one pilot project the system was able to use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and environmentally friendly charging power to save over 99% of the diesel consumed by conventional cooling systems, while considerably reducing CO2 and diesel particle emissions. is also supposed to be cost-effective, as it reduces energy and maintenance costs, resulting in more affordable overall operation and amortization times.

In one pilot project, the cooling system was able to save almost 100% of the diesel consumed by conventional cooling systems. Photo: Maxwell+Spark


World premiere: Three-sided tipper generation Trigenius

The high point for MEILLER is the world debut of its new three-sided tipper generation Trigenius. The family-operated company, founded in 1850, will present six of these brand new, three-sided tippers for 3.5 to 4.1 tons at its stand, and in the adjacent outdoor area. Starting with two light tippers D202 to D212 to the three-axle model with D316 body, and the heavy-duty four-axle for 32 tons, all the new products will be shown together. All the new generation’s three-sided tippers are now based on a modular structure, boast a cohesive, recognizable and modern design, and – according to the manufacturer – set the bar for ergonomics, ease of use, and efficiency. The payloads for the Trigenius generation range from 132 to 815 lbs, depending on the weight class.

With its three-sided tipper Trigenius, Meiller wants to set the bar for ergonomics, ease of use, and efficiency. Photo: MEILLER

Schmitz Cargobull

Improved air resistance – less fuel consumption with S.CS EcoFLEX

Schmitz Cargobull is presenting its curtain sider S.CS EcoFLEX, which significantly improves trailers’ aerodynamics with its height-adjustable trailer tail, thereby reducing fuel consumption. This tarp semi-trailer, which can also be used for transporting beverages, also has an aerodynamically optimized pallet box and a new tarp without insertion bars. Schmitz Cargobull will present another innovation as well – the truncated, two-axle cooling semi-trailer S.KO City Smart. Thanks to its forced-steering axis, the short cooling semi can also navigate tight, inner-city environments. With the S.KOe, the company’s specially designed recuperation axis generates enough electricity to supply the fully electric cooling unit S.Cue with power. To top it all off is the round steel tipper S.KI, which can carry 507 lbs more than its predecessor.

Curtain sider S.CS EcoFLEX was aerodynamically optimized, thereby reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Photo: Schmitz Cargobull

Thermo Star

Compact cooling machines for inner cities

Brazilian manufacturer of high-performance cooling devices Thermo Star is presenting its extensive product portfolio for transporting cooled and frozen products at IAA TRANSPORTATION. Thermo Star’s Slim Line is ideal for vehicles like SUVs and delivery cars used in city centers. The New Line is meant for customers who need small or large truck bodies for complex logistics tasks requiring precise temperature regulation. Then there’s the Eutectic Plates Line for transporting deep-frozen products. Thermo Star is also working to electrify its cooling devices: As part of a project with the Brazilian meat packing industry, it is using entirely electric trucks to ensure cooling of cargo during daytime deliveries without any emissions of toxins or noise.

The Slim Line’s compact cooling machines are mainly used in urban settings. Photo: Thermo Star