Highlights of the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022: Infrastructure Providers

Photo: Linde

Photo: Linde

Pioneering infrastructure solutions for energy and communication

With its new concept, IAA TRANSPORTATION is focusing on innovations and trends on the road toward climate-neutral logistics. Many infrastructure providers are already supporting the commercial vehicles sector, and the transport and logistics industries, with this process.

In Hanover the latest charging infrastructure will be demonstrated live for the first time on the “Plug & Play Campus”. There, test drive exhibitors will charge their cars, which visitors then get to drive. Only 100% green power is used. A water fueling station, where the test cars can fill up on green hydrogen, will also be available. Models and infrastructure-related services will also be on display at the many indoor stands. There are many infrastructure providers attending this year’s IAA TRANSPORTATION who help companies in their transformation process. Below is a list of select highlights in alphabetical order.

Air Products

Hydrogen for road freight transport

Air Products is a major hydrogen producer, and has for decades been a pioneer in the field of hydrogen fueling, with practical experience from over 250 fuel station projects in 20 countries. The company develops, designs, builds, and operates some of the world’s largest industrial gas projects, including carbon-free hydrogen projects that support global transport and the energy transition. Air Products, Schenk Transport, and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) are working together on the Clean Hydrogen and Road Transport Project (CH2aRT), which aims to develop hydrogen trucks and public hydrogen fueling stations. The project focuses on the use of hydrogen in heavy-duty transport, and is subsidized by the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. In cooperation with the Port of Rotterdam, the largest hydrogen fueling station in the Netherlands will be established there. The project will be presented at IAA TRANSPORTATION.

Air Products will present the first hydrogen fueling station for trucks at Rotterdam Harbor in 2023. Photo: Air Products


Charging infrastructure for logistics providers

elexon was founded in 2019 as a joint venture of SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), AixControl GmbH, and aixACCT charging solutions GmbH. The company focuses, among other things, on charging infrastructure for the logistics industry, with direct current charging stations with 80 to 480 kW of output. For vehicles that require less charge, there is also a 43 kW AC charging station. Over 18,000 charging points at over 800 locations, and more than 18 million charging cycles – and with availability of 99.87 percent – show just how reliable this provider is. The company will present its logistics expertise at IAA TRANSPORTATION, with special emphasis on overnight charging of e-cars, e-buses, and other e-vehicles; affordable expansion of the charging infrastructure; charging infrastructure with limited grid connection capacity; and areas where the technology can be used on company grounds or service areas.

Electric heavy-duty transport benefits from high charging output of up to 480 kW. Photo: elexon

Fronius International

Charge smart and fill up on sun

The business unit Solar Energy at Fronius International GmbH has been offering sustainable and profitable energy solutions for more than 30 years. This Austrian, family-owned company has more than 5,600 employees and 1,321 active patents in the fields of battery charging, photovoltaics, and welding technology, making it a real innovator at IAA TRANSPORTATION. With Fronius EMIL, the company will show how smart charging management for electric fleets works. The power supply is based on the customer’s overall company needs. Fronius EMIL operates a selected number of charging points, thereby preventing an overload of lines and equipment.

The Fronius Wattpilot is a smart charging box that aids in cost optimization with flexible charging. It is available in two variants: the fixed-mounted Wattpilot Home, and the mobile Wattpilot Go.

Electromobility is especially effective when combined with photovoltaics, which is why Fronius offers complete IPP concepts, from needs analysis to installation, maintenance, and upkeep.


Professional charging infrastructure

Chinese manufacturer of charging technology Jingneng leans on its strong energy capacity, and offers its products and their use worldwide. Jingneng adapts its technology to customer requirements as needed, and is also flexible with production quotes. According to Jingneng, its own technology can currently be found in many renowned charging platforms and vehicle manufacturers. At IAA TRANSPORTATION, Jingneng will show why the company so highly values its research and development work, and will present its loading technology products for commercial vehicles and construction machinery.

Jingneng specializes in charging technology for heavy commercial vehicles. Photo: Jingneng


Upgrade for hydrogen fueling stations

Linde is presenting future-proof, highly efficient hydrogen fueling technology at IAA TRANSPORTATION. With its years of experience with more than 200 stations constructed around the world, Linde technology represents the highest quality standards and reliability. At IAA TRANSPORTATION the company will introduce a brand new modularization concept that significantly improves the scalability of a hydrogen fueling station. Standardization of the station modules can efficiently increase its size. The new, portable fueling solution FuelBox IC – which is especially suitable for test fleets – will also be presented.

Linde stands for maximum security and reliability of hydrogen fueling tanks. Photo: Linde

me energy

CO2-neutral, mobile quick-charging station

According to, me energy it is presenting the world’s first CO2-neutrale and mobile quick-charging station: the Rapid Charger 150. This completely grid-independent charging station charges all sorts of vehicles, from cars and vans to buses and trucks, at any location. The green charging power is generated at the station from renewable, liquid energy media, whereupon up to 150 kW of power is available for charging.

The Rapid Charger 150 can be set up anywhere without any tedious planning or building permits. This means that everywhere, from city dispatch center or infrastructure building site, can become a quick-charging up within just 50 minutes upon delivery. The charging stations can also be used as green generators.

me energy offers the charging station for sale, rent, or lease. The user thus receives the complete package with automatic energy supply, billing by kWh, integration in existing OCPP back-ends, and with the option of a public charging station. me energy also advises potential customers on matters concerning current funding, and provides support with planning and financing.

The mobile quick-charging station von me energy. Photo: me energy


High-speed loading up to 12 MW

paXos Consulting & Engineering presents a new, high-performance charging plug. The paXos Cool-Load Megawatt (3-12 MW) charging plug exceeds the charging output of the current market standard ten-fold. With its integrated, active cooling, large contact area, and automatic contact key controls, charging output of over 3 MW is possible. By scaling the plug diameter, this can even be increased up to 12 MW, meaning that it will be possible to charge car batteries much faster in the future.

Electric battery-powered vehicles are not as flexible for companies at the moment as conventional vehicles, due to the long charging times – especially when using heavy commercial vehicles and for long distances. The high-performance plug Cool-Load Megawatt from paXos is key to changing this.

The combination of large contact areas for energy transfer, and integrated fluid cooling, allows for more current to flow into the cables and contacts with less current loss, facilitating faster charging as a result. The multi-stranded cables and conductors in the charging cable result in higher flexibility that conventional fueling hoses don’t match up with.


One for all – compact charging columns for commercial vehicles

Siemens Smart Infrastructure is showing a number of products at IAA TRANSPORTATION, including the quick-charging column SICHARGE D. It detects the output requirements of the connected vehicle and automatically adapts the charging process to the battery technology and charge level of the vehicle. This way, every vehicle gets the maximum output that it needs without the need for any manual intervention. For example, the column can charge a Mercedes-Benz eActros from 20 to 80 percent in about an hour with 160 kW, and also provide smaller electric cars with sufficient power at lower voltages – like guest or employee cars of a fleet operator. The compact charging column SICHARGE D supports voltages between 150 to 1,000 volts in all DC charging outlets, as well as charging currents of up to 1,000 amps.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure also offers comprehensive solutions for electric mobility in the public, commercial, and private sectors. One key point is the smart energy management that covers potential load peaks that can occur when operating a fleet of electric cars.

Quick-charging column SICHARGE D for small and large commercial vehicles from Siemens. Photo: Siemens


Easy and quick solutions for light electric commercial vehicles

Compact wall boxes for battery-friendly charging overnight are often the best solution for businesses. Sonepar will present the ABL-Wallbox Special Edition (6810885) at IAA TRANSPORTATION. The Wallbox ABL eMH1 is ideal for simple charging on site. Installation and mounting are easy, and operation is intuitive thanks to the “plug & charge” system. The charge output of 11 kW is fixed, meaning that the box is eligible for funding as per KfW 440. In addition, the eMH1 Basic boasts DC fault current detection and temperature monitoring, and the Limited Edition has an FI type-A safety switch. Also on display: the Sonepar Solution Pack E-Charging Distributor. It is already fully wired and can be connected immediately, making it easy to supplement and expand existing systems. Sonepar is an independent, family-operated company and global market leader in electrical goods wholesale. The company supports large-scale customers with products, solutions, and services.

The ABL-Wallbox ensures easy electrification of the fleet. Photo: Sonepar