Highlights of the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022: Digital Services

Photo: Bosch

Photo: Bosch

Digital services for more efficiency

The transport and logistics industry is multi-faceted, which makes it impossible for software providers to meet all their customers’ requirements with just one digitization strategy. The solution: Consolidating platforms that offer digital services and work across devices and manufacturers – and this is the current trend. Although the various platforms all essentially have the same goal – greater efficiency and cost savings for their customers – they often differ considerably in the details. IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022 is the ideal place to learn more. Below are some highlights, arranged in alphabetical order.

Bär Cargolift

The elevator platform goes digital

Logistics providers always need new tools and innovations to increase efficiency. Bär Cargolift, the specialist for hydraulic platforms, is up to the task, such as with the new data interface Bär CargoConnect, which can be used to read information from hydraulic platforms for telematics and fleet management systems. CargoConnect makes it possible to gain access to data for monitoring the power supply or information for preventive maintenance.

Bär Cargolift is presenting its assistance system VisionAssist, among other products, at IAA TRANSPORTATION. This system uses AI backup cameras and can, for example, detect whether there is a person in the platform’s movement radius, whereupon the hydraulic platform halts immediately. The operator can view the danger situation in the control panel and react accordingly.

Location at IAA TRANSPORTATION: hall 26 exhibition stand B16


Platform combines digital systems for logistics fleets

A complete software ecosystem for haulers and shipping agents worldwide – Bosch wants to offer nothing less. In order to create the marketplace for digital services, all the data from various software providers are consolidated on one platform and generated by telematics systems in the truck or via transport management software, among other things. The joint use of the information makes it possible to interconnect various data and services pertaining to the vehicle, driver, and transport. For example, the operating time of the truck fleets can be optimized with predictive diagnostics, and the use of added-value services like booking secure parking spots or keyless access to vehicles can be facilitated, says Bosch.

Location at IAA TRANSPORTATION: hall 20 exhibition stand B22


Digital support in the workplace

Bridgestone is presenting Webfleet at IAA TRANSPORTATION. The system consists of various tools and apps with which fleet customers can take measures to reduce fuel consumption, improve safety, switch to electric power, or increase productivity, to name a few examples.

For example, there is Webfleet Vehicle Check, with which the driver can conduct daily inspections via a mobile app. Webfleet Video is also interesting, as this system combines dashcam recordings with driving data so that all the important accident data are available in real time. The AI technology automatically identifies risky behavior and notifies the driver so that they can avoid dangerous situations.

Location at IAA TRANSPORTATION: hall 12 exhibition stand C60

Webfleet aims to help reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 percent. Picture: Bridgestone


Telematics solution for traffic chiefs and fleet managers

DAKO, based in Jena, is presenting its new telematics solution DAKO Fleet at this year’s IAA TRANSPORTATION. It goes beyond simply recording and archiving driving times and vehicle and driver data, and the main benefit of DAKO Fleet lies in the fact that the data are further processed in the interests of the business model and the respective customer’s requirements. For example, the detailed evaluation of the code infringements, billing of fines, and electronic license checks help the traffic chief work in accordance with the law. According to the manufacturer, DAKO Fleet is just the first milestone on the road toward a suite that will present a seamless interlinking of all transport service processes.

Location at IAA TRANSPORTATION: hall 25 exhibition stand C48

Departure monitoring with the DAKO Drive App. Picture: DAKO


Automated monitoring of fuel costs

The sharp rise in diesel expenses in recent months is straining the already low margins of shipping agents and logistics providers. Good transaction monitoring and data-based fueling strategies are more important than ever, say the experts at iomoto. In order to help, they have developed a data platform that automatically collects and analyses all the fuel card data so that notable processes like filling up with premium fuel or unnecessary fill-ups at external gas stations can be detected. Telematics data can also be used, for example, to record deviations in the fill level amount of the tank or between the truck location and the gas station, which means that potentially fraudulent activities can be detected. According to iomoto, the system has already detected 440 suspicious fueling procedures with more than 120,000 liters of diesel. With diesel costing two euros, approximately 240,000 euros could have been saved. Iomoto is a ZF Car eWallet brand, part of the ZF Group.

Location at IAA TRANSPORTATION: hall 13 exhibition stand C201

Quick overview on the iomoto dashboard. Photo: iomoto


All-in-one platform for the transport industry

KPA6T is a French company specializing in the transport industry. The company assures that an all-in-one platform with various connected, digital modules makes it possible to manage and monitor all transport activities. More specifically, the suite of modules lets users manage activities like order management, dispatch, deliveries (connected with smartphone and truck), billing, fleet management, route and cargo optimization, and signing transport documents electronically. According to KPA6T, the platform brings employees from the involved companies, customers, and partners together.

Location at IAA TRANSPORTATION: hall 22

KPA6T offers comprehensive tools for digitizing transport companies. Photo: KPA6T