IAA Conference: "Let's discuss transportation"

The IAA Conference is the platform for opinion leaders, visionaries, and experts from the logistics and transportation industry, and as such is the cornerstone of IAA TRANSPORTATION.

The IAA Conference is the platform for opinion leaders, visionaries, and experts from the logistics and transportation industry, and as such is the cornerstone of IAA TRANSPORTATION.

Specific themes on 2 stages

The IAA Conference at this year's IAA TRANSPORTATION lays the groundwork for the sustainable, social, technical, economic, and political aspects of global transportation. International opinion leaders from all relevant industries will jointly discuss the challenges facing us currently, and will present their solutions and visions for the global and regional transportation of the future. 

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The conference program of IAA TRANSPORTATION consists of the curated theme days of the Main Stage and the exhibitor program of the Industry Forum. It thus offers the perfect balance of substantive debate and B2B networking experience for all industry sectors of the transportation industry. 

Main Stage in Hall 18

From 20.09. to 23.09., visitors to the IAA can look forward to exciting discussions and inspiring presentations on the Main Stage in Hall 18. The program is based on 4 thematic days, highlighting the most important debates in international transportation from 4 perspectives:

The logistics and commercial vehicle industry is currently facing numerous challenges. The COVID pandemic has not left companies unscathed. The ongoing problems in the supply chains, the war in Europe and the resulting tightening of the energy supply situation, the drastic changes in favor of the environment as well as the sharply rising prices are causing a lot of trouble for manufacturers, suppliers and logistics companies as well as all clients up to the consumer. The "Logistics" theme day is dedicated to EU political challenges facing the logistics industry, global supply chain solutions and the question of which CO²-neutral motorization the industry will rely on in the future. The "Logistics" theme day will be accompanied by our partner DSLV (Bundesverband Spedition und Logistik e. V.) and our day sponsor Ericsson.  

The sustainability of the logistics industry is always also an issue of international trade. It starts with the supply of goods and the associated production and ends with the customer. An important component of this value chain is the delivery of products to retailers and consumers. The "Trade & Logistic" theme day will address, among other things, global trade, the challenges of the last mile and the future visions surrounding sustainable and autonomous logistics. The "Trade & Logistics" theme day will be accompanied by our partner HDE (German Retail Association). Information about a possible sponsorship can be found here.

Infrastructure is the central topic in the logistics industry, also because transport companies feel the greatest dependence here. And it's no longer just about road construction and rest areas. The "Infrastructure" theme day is about international standards and a comprehensive expansion of charging infrastructure and transport networks. In addition to the debate about the appropriate infrastructure for different drive technologies, the expansion of combined transport and the possibilities of international and joint digitization will also be discussed. The "Infrastructure" theme day will be accompanied by our partner BDEW (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft e.V.) and our day sponsor Air Products.

In many discussions, municipal transport is one of the key solutions for sustainable and diverse mobility in the future. At the "Municipal Transport" theme day, decision-makers and experts will discuss the next milestones and most pressing issues in passenger transport. What are the options for transport operators on the way to a sustainable offer on the one hand and what are the demands of customers on the other hand? How can new solutions be integrated in old cities and what options do companies have to meet the needs in rural areas? The "Municipal Transport" theme day will be accompanied by our partner VDV (Association of German Transport Companies). Information about a possible sponsoring can be found here.

Industry Forum in Hall 13

At the Industry Forum in Hall 13, exhibitors and partners of the IAA TRANSPORTAION will present themselves with exciting topics, discussions, presentations and even pitches. Exhibitors have the opportunity to curate their own sessions here and show IAA visitors their visions and solutions for the transportation industry. The stage is smaller and closer than the Main Stage and offers participants and speakers an intensive atmosphere of exchange and discussion. The exciting, multifaceted program from 20.09. to 23.09. is also part of the conference.

Freely accessible for IAA visitors

The IAA Transportation conference program is mostly in English and, with the exception of the opening session, open to all IAA visitors. Due to limited visitor capacity, it is worth arriving early for the session you wish to attend. Seat reservations for the Main Stage and the Industry Forum are not possible.

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