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Grab attention! Showcase innovation. We'll bring viewers to you.

Grab attention! Showcase innovation. We'll bring viewers to you.

Whether it's autonomous people movers, city buses, or coaches for travel, our aim is to cover the entire spectrum of the industry and provide a platform for experiencing and showcasing exciting, forward-thinking innovations in passenger transport. Achieving the Paris climate goals and ambitious CO2 reduction targets for future city and travel buses requires a complete transformation of propulsion technologies in the bus market.

During the IAA TRANSPORTATION from September 17th to 22nd, 2024, exhibitors from the bus and transportation sector will have the opportunity to demonstrate their company's innovative progress towards sustainable mobility. In this context, we offer exhibitors in the new Bus Area the world's first opportunity to present their solutions for the city of the future in a standalone bus-themed park within their own exhibition hall.

IAA Bus Area
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The Bus Area serves as a sort of real-life laboratory for an immersive world of mobility, comprising neighborhoods, streets, bus stops, parks, street food offerings, rural outskirts, and international connections for long-distance buses and bus tourism. As a whole, the Bus Area located in Hall 23 of the exhibition is intended to represent a cityscape. Exhibitors can provide visitors with the opportunity to directly test their solutions for the city of the future here. Features such as bus seating, parking and green spaces, as well as connectivity through mobility hubs, are highlighted, along with test drives.

Additionally, for exhibitors from the bus and transportation sector, there will be a central Bus Campus serving as a consulting area. Here, companies will receive best practice examples on various topics. The range of topics includes power and fuel supply, architectural planning, assistance systems, funding opportunities, after-sales support, depot conversion, and second-life models.

Your options

Book your indoor exhibition space in the themed hall for the bus industry and showcase your latest products, services, and innovations. Please use our online registration to book indoor exhibition spaces and mention "Bus Area" in the comments.

Utilize our Bus Campus at the heart of the new Bus Area as your dedicated consultation hotspot and initial point of contact for interested industry professionals. Reserve your booth package and offer information and guidance on various areas including power and fuel supply, architectural planning, depot conversion, vehicle procurement, charging infrastructure, funding opportunities, assistance systems, maintenance, service networks, telematics, fire safety, after-sales support, second-life models, etc.

Showcase your seating products in a unique setting. A green park area invites visitors to linger and test your seats.

Present your vehicles in action! During a guided test drive, visitors have the opportunity to experience the vehicle firsthand and evoke emotions that will be remembered long after. You'll gain qualified leads and direct feedback on your products. Choose between the new Indoor City Lane through the themed hall (only available at defined times) and the outdoor test track in the east of the exhibition grounds, as well as exiting the premises for test drives.

Interested in showcasing autonomous driving? We're happy to provide you with a personalized offer tailored to your needs.

Throughout the entire duration of the IAA, the IAA Shuttle Bus connects the various exhibition halls in a continuous loop, available for free use by exhibitors and visitors alike. Utilize this route to showcase your vehicles, enhancing the experiential factor and visibility of your vehicles and brand.

Demonstrate the interaction with your charging solutions at designated indoor exhibition areas along the Indoor City Lane. These areas can be accessed with your vehicles registered for test drives.


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To book indoor exhibition spaces, please use our online registration and specify "Bus Area" in the booking process. For booking all other options, please utilize the registration form for the Bus Area.

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Showcase your innovations and solutions in the field of passenger transport. Secure your spot now for the IAA Bus Area at the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024, taking place from September 17th to 22nd, 2024, in Hannover. Additional information can be found in the registration form.

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Let visitors test your sustainable solutions and use cases!

Let visitors test your sustainable solutions and use cases!